Litigation: It’s A Team Sport

The importance of working as a team and communicating effectively during the initial phase of a claim investigation cannot be overstated. As soon as an incident occurs on property, risk managers, claims adjusters, and outside defense counsel all have a job to do.

If we communicate with each other and conduct a thorough and detailed claim investigation together, we will better serve our clients and, ultimately, the general public who patronizes them.

Insurance executives and risk managers bat first. It is incumbent upon them to choose adjusters (or train adjusters) who are familiar with the specific industry and are familiar with the client’s operations, policies, and procedures prior to handling a claim.

Proper training will ensure that adjusters know the right questions to ask and know to secure all relevant evidence as soon as they are notified of an incident on property. Adjusters should be aware of any indemnification agreements with suppliers or contractors that might require notice or future tender.

After an incident, the adjuster takes over, and, as the saying goes, timing is everything.

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