Plaintiff Attorneys On Losing End Of Business Interruption Lawsuits

Insurers with business and commercial policies in Florida have scored a large win in the pandemic — at least in court.

Proof comes in rulings handed down in business interruption insurance lawsuits plaintiff attorneys filed on behalf of companies in federal and county courts in Florida since last April.

These lawsuits contend, in varying arguments, that insurance firms should cover losses business had that stem from state-mandated restrictions on how and when businesses could operate.

Out of 29 rulings or resolutions so far in Florida, insurance firms have won all 29 cases, according to the national Covid Coverage Litigation Tracker, a University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School project.

The insurance wins include eight lawsuits filed in U.S. Middle District Court in Tampa; two in Hillsborough County; and one each in Lee and Pinellas counties.

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