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Legal challenges require a greater understanding of the law and of the concerned parties’ various interests that comes only with experience. There is no singular secret to handling large, complex litigation. However, having handled some of the largest cases in this country from the MGM Fire Litigation to Tobacco, Asbestos, Diet Drug, Bone Screw, Agent Orange, Pepcon and Dupont Plaza, we have found that counsel must not have preconceived notions on how the case will go. Our past experience is invaluable in being familiar with how other judges have handled complex cases with case management orders, special masters and other specialized procedures. Our ability to have advanced technology to organize, analyze and prioritize massive documentation is something we have found it expedient to develop over the last 30-plus years. We are fortunate that most of the judiciary is familiar with our track record and often looks to us to be of assistance in helping the court manage the case. Maybe the most important consideration, like all other cases, is to stay ahead of your adversary. Every member of the firm has the experience needed to provide expert counsel on a wide variety of legal issues and each takes pride in meeting the needs of the client and exceeding expectations. Cases in which the firm has been involved locally and nationally include: Construction, Real Estate Litigation, Business Litigation, Products Liability, Health Care, Premises Liability, Insurance, Tribal Indian and Gaming, Employment, Civil litigation, Business Organization, Restaurant and Food Liability, Commercial Litigation, Lender Liability Litigation, Arbitration/Mediation Services, Professional Liability, and Complex and Mass Tort Litigation.
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